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Resources & Publications

By centering community voices, we’re fortunate to have built strong relationships with those we work with and serve. Our responsibilities extend beyond data for researchers and providers and encompass every manner of support that we can contribute towards thriving.

With the information and assets linked below, you’ll find a variety of materials and information intended to provide family support, expand research, and to reciprocate the exchange of data back to the community.

Resources for Families 

Children, youth, and families often faced with challenges beyond their control. We work to connect them with community-based resources and programs to serve both immediate and longer-term needs.
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Data Resources           

Sharing data and returning results is paramount to our mission. We nurture reciprocity with participating families, community advocates, and academic researchers.
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We share what we learn and deliver those results back to the community. We invite everyone to learn more about the work of our TPS research and community teams.
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We value all contributions and recognize that time and consideration are precious gifts. These resources aim to reduce barriers to participation and  address some of the most frequently asked questions.
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