TPS Overview

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Family Strengths Survey

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Science of Thriving and Brightspotting

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Community Vitality Collaborative (COVID19 response/Health Services Delivery)

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Healthy Pregnancy Collaborative

  1. Hager E, Lavage DR, Shirriel J, Catov J, Miller E, and Krishnamurti T, on behalf of the Pittsburgh Study Pregnancy Collaborative.  A model for engaging citizen scientists: a community-partnered research collaboration to address inequities for Black birthing people. Submitting to Maternal and Child Health Journal.
  2. Hager E, Lavage DR, Catov J, Miller E, Krishnamurti T, on behalf of the Pittsburgh Study Pregnancy Collaborative. Building Citizen Scientists to Address Preterm Birth Disparities: The Pittsburgh Study Pregnancy Collaborative Experience. In Draft. Targeted journals: Progress in Community Partnerships or Health Equity.
  3. Hager E, Fochek C, Klem ML, and Krishnamurti T, on behalf of the Pittsburgh Study Pregnancy Collaborative. Thriving in the peripartum period: a community-partnered concept analysis.  In Draft. Targeted journals: International Journal of Nursing Studies or BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Early Childhood Collaborative

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Early School Age Collaborative & 3Rs

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Middle Childhood Collaborative & Just Discipline

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Adolescent Health Collaborative

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  • The publications in this list are hyperlinked on the article title for quick review, although some of the papers are behind a paywall and only show the abstract (indicated by **) or are in-draft.