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The Pittsburgh Study Earns National Recognition!

We are honored to receive the W.K. Kellogg Award for Community Engaged Scholarship. It’s truly a privilege to work alongside our region’s schools, nonprofits, universities, civic leadership, and local neighbors in this journey!

Read the article:  The Pittsburgh Study won the W. K. Kellogg Foundation Community Engagement Scholarship Award | University of Pittsburgh
Watch the coverage from Intersections, a KDKA-TV program featuring the TPS team in conversation about our work and the award: Intersections Part 1 (9.24.23) – CBS Pittsburgh (

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The Pittsburgh Study (TPS) is a collective impact initiative.  We collaborate across systems and disciplines, convening a variety of partners, organizations, and individuals to collectively promote child thriving and racial equity in our region.

TPS is not just one study. We’re made-up of multiple large and small research-informed, co-created interventions that span from pregnancy to adolescence to school-based and community-level programs.

The Pittsburgh Study is unique because we invite neighbors to be part of doing science together as Citizen Scientists.  We encourage deep involvement in all aspects of the science by serving as community co-leads and members of our scientific committees. We are committed to returning data to the people and communities who help to produce knowledge and to ensure that data are translated to action. We conduct research WITH community (not traditional approaches to research that has been done “to” or “on” communities).

We believe that community members are experts. Strengths, assets, resources, and wisdom are ever present in our neighborhoods and communities. We center community voices and expertise, and together, uplift innovative practices and local solutions.

We are accountable to research practices that promote reciprocity. We aim for equitable benefits for participants, our community, and academic scientists. We are accountable for shifting standards of equity within our networks of institutional partners. We are accountable to young people and their families. We seek to develop, model, and translate programs and practices which are anti-racist, healing-centered, and trauma-sensitive. In a word, we build toward a humanized Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.