CHATTER Seminar Schedule

Below is a schedule of our upcoming presentations. Updates will be added as speakers are confirmed.

These seminars are free and open to our academic and learning community. Presentation content is centered on resources and learnings for individuals in the early stages of their research careers.

If you or a colleague would like to present in an upcoming CHATTER, email or

Every session occurs in this Zoom link:

January 10
Early Career Research: Tran Doan
Methods: Andrea Yorchuck & Asher Jones, PhD, Msc, Working with Media Relations

February 14
Early Career Research: Candice Biernesser, PhD, LCSW
Methods: Deb Moore, MA, LinkedIn for Professional Development

March 13
Early Career Research: Mary Ellen Vajravelu, MD, MSHP
Methods: Leah McKown, Community PARTners Core

April 10
Early Career Research: Kristina Gaietto, MD
Methods: Chelsea Proulx, MPH & Will Hierholzer, Human-Centered Design

May 8
Early Career Research: Kelly Harris, MD
Methods: Amery Treble-Barna PhD, How to Manage a Research Team