Why Participate?

To be part of building child thriving and health equity.

Contributing information about your children is valuable. Your time and attention are precious. All Pittsburgh Study participants are paid for their time and sharing of their experiences. We aim to reduce barriers to participation as much as possible. Reciprocity is fundamental to undoing the history of exploitation in research and advocacy.

You’ll be helping make change possible. This is an opportunity for university partners and health providers to listen and center community voices. Community partners and academics share leadership and decision making. The Study isn’t perfect, but it is an opportunity for transformation. There is no transformation without community. The systems need changing. You can support this work by participating.

By participating in the Pittsburgh Study, you are helping to make a meaningful impact on your child’s life, your family’s life, and the lives of all children across the County. The programs in the Study are evidence-based and community-informed to be of direct benefit to children, youth, and families. The long-term part of the Study focuses on data to action, driving systemic change on policy, environment, education, health care, and other vital areas.